Welcome to Reverend Mother Runner / by Donna Olivia Owusu-Ansah

Welcome to Reverend Mother Runner! I am a ministering mother, married to the love of my life who runs miles (& marathons). I am also an artist and writer who enjoys using my gifts to the glory of God and the benefit of communities, particularly African-American women. I used to blog and then my youngest daughter was born, I began my Clinical Pastoral Education internship at JFK Medical Center and blogging eluded me. In between my last blog post in August 2014 and now, I have grown into myself as mother and wife, expanded my pastoral identity, buried some folk, married some folk, and ran some races, including the Philadelphia Marathon. But here I am, poised and ready to hear from God and share my gifts with the world. I'll share a little bit of everything about ministry, motherhood, marriage, miles, and much, much more and I look forward to engaging with you!

I am a ministering mother, married to the love of my life who runs miles (& marathons)