Fitness Friday / by Donna Olivia Owusu-Ansah

Today is Fitness Friday.

Is this thing on?

And by this thing, I mean my motivation.

Motivation, Motivation. Wherefore art thou motivation?

I'm being a little dramatic. Pun intended. (ahem, Shakespeare) 

I did work out twice this week, fitting in the first two training runs of my Hot Chocolate 15K training. It felt good to be back in the gym sweating and back on the treadmill. But other than that, my motivation has been as funky as my mood. It's the season. But with an upcoming race, I'm determined to get back to my athletic self. I've slowed down. I've softened up. I'm not myself, but I'm in there somewhere ready to break free! 

So this Fitness Friday is about breaking free and returning to my fierce and fit self. With four races on my calendar for 2018, I have to get my fit together! I want to be strong and fast(er) and free as I run and move with joy whether on a treadmill, at a race, or in the park. What fitness goals are you working on this year? Let me know and let's support each other towards a more fit life.