Fitness Friday: Making it Fit / by Donna Olivia Owusu-Ansah

This week has been a fabulous fitness week. Fabulous!  I got three workouts in! They weren’t at the gym or particularly fast, but they got done. I had to be creative to fit them in, but I’m convinced that’s what this season in my life is about.  

So, how’d I get it done? 

Workout One: Power walk 1.25 miles to Big Girl’s school and lolligag back 1.25 miles. 

Workout Two: Make the girls dinner and sneak out for a 2 mile walk in the neighborhood while my mother-in-law watched them. 

Workout Three: Repeat workout number one. I get my exercise in and Big Girl enjoys fresh air and frolicking after a long day at school.  

In total I logged 7 miles for the week. Woo!!! It’s nothing compared to the mileage I was logging this time last year as I prepared to run the Philadelphia Marathon, but it’s better than nothing. And more than anything, I’m proud of myself for making a way, especially given how important sunlight, fresh air, and exercise are to my total well being as the days get shorter and the temperatures drop.

Dear Readers, how do you prioritize your day (or week) to make time for fitness?  

Also, check out my obligatory workout selfies (and ussie with Big Girl)!