Just Because He’s God… / by Donna Olivia Owusu-Ansah

I started preparing this post yesterday. As I was driving to church on Sunday, “He’s God” by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir came on my Pandora station. I’m familiar with the song. When I was serving at the Bethesda Baptist Church of New Rochelle, the Mass Choir, led by Sister Monique Wilson, used to saaannnggg this song. It touched me every single time. Each time, they’d sing, For all He's done for me,redeemed and set me free,and because, just because He's God” no matter what was going on, I’d be reminded of just how big God is and how deep God’s love for me—a love so deep that nothing can separate me from it—no despair, disappointment, or difficulty.

Just because He’s God…

And though I couldn’t pinpoint why, the song resonated deeply with me on Sunday morning. I wept as I drove, cursing the moment I put eyeliner on. And when the reprise came on, I knew I needed to add this into my rotation.

When I had the chance, I opened Amazon Music and created a new worship playlist. This was the first song I added to the playlist and it has been on repeat since.

It was on repeat when I was having chest pains from stress on Monday.

It was on repeat when I was dealing with overwhelm on Tuesday.

It was on repeat when I was dealing with disappointed on Wednesday when I got news that the Delaware Women’s Half Marathon and 8K (which I was scheduled to run this weekend) was cancelled.

It was on repeat when I was dealing a four year old throwing tantrums and chicken at her sister.

It was on repeat when I got some news today that will be best in the long run, but stings in the moment.

And as I continue to walk the path God has for me, a path sometimes unknown and unfamiliar, I will rest assured that the same love that raised Jesus from the grave to redeem me is big enough to carry me through.

Dear Readers, what is your go to song to remind you of God’s love for you and the future that God has for you when life becomes especially difficult? Leave a comment so I can add them to my playlist!