Day 3 (30 minutes late) / by Donna Olivia Owusu-Ansah

It’s just past day 3.  

It was a full and stressful day. The usual corralling everyone out of the house was followed by a staff meeting (love our staff, hate meetings). After work I had a knock down drag out with Big Girl about her homework. Then we picked up Baby Girl  who was a mix between giddy and cranky from her self imposed bad sleeping habits.  I ended the day in two parts—at Panera working on my article for Urban Faith and then at home finishing the article after I got gently kicked out of Panera at 10:00pm. Through it all, I managed to drink lots of water and ate fairly well, including a delicious chocolate chip cookie with dinner that i savored (instead of wolfing it down). And even though I woke up super early and I’m now up super late, I’m not tired nor did I have an afternoon slump. Changed habits, though small, are having a positive impact. For that I am grateful.