Motherhood Monday: The Value of Support / by Donna Olivia Owusu-Ansah

On Saturday I posted about my time away. My restful and luxurious time away. My much needed time away. My two seconds away from a mommy breakdown time away. The truth is, I would not have been able to have time away without the support of my husband. He is an amazing husband and father. Absolutely amazing. When I am away, not only are the basics covered—food, clothing, shelter—but the girls have a blast! This is why I am able to be away and experience peace in my heart and sound sleep. And as my partner, he knows how vital my health, wellbeing, and joy are to the health, wellbeing and joy of our family.


This time around, he took the girls to Home Depot for their monthly craft event for kids. Over a lovely breakfast, I grinned as I received a text with videos and photos of the girls building a Valentine’s Day beanbag toss game. 



Who are the supports in your life that help you in times of need?