Self Care Saturday: But Wait, There’s More... / by Donna Olivia Owusu-Ansah

Today is a good day. I spent the morning and early afternoon having girl time with our daughters, so hubby could have some self-care time. He slept while we frolicked around the mall spending Christmas and Tooth Fairy loot the girls saved up. Our time at the mall concluded with lunch and dessert. While getting ice cream from Hagen Däz for Baby Girl, I noticed that they now carried their non-dairy flavors at the shop. Self-care SCORE! Slowly savoring that non-dairy chocolate and peanut butter ice cream satisfied my soul. 


 But wait, there’s more... 

My self-care continued after getting the girls settled for their afternoon nap. I changed clothes and headed to the park for a walk. I’ve been in a funky mood lately which is a sure sign that I need sunlight and fresh air. Exercise helps, but taking that movement from the gym to the pavement is sometimes all I need to lift the funk. Two miles listening to nineties hip-hop as the warm sun and crisp air made me over.  


But wait, there’s more... 

When I arrived back home, everyone—hubby included—was asleep. And I’ve learned, if you can’t beat ‘em (or if you don’t want to wake ‘em) you might as well join ‘em. So my self-care is rounded out by sleep, which I can never have enough of. What a good day. A good day, indeed.


What are you intentionally doing to care for yourself today?