Girl Power! or Representation Matters / by Donna Olivia Owusu-Ansah

While Baby Girl was in dance class this evening, Big Girl and I played a drawing game. She wanted me to tell her what to draw, give her one minute to complete each drawing and then judge them. For the record, they all scored a 10. Her drawing skills solid, she has an eye for detail, and all of her characters were female. Bonus!

My first choice was a ballerina. She drew it with the heading, “She is dancing.” I was tired so the next choice was preacher. I was convinced she was going to draw a man, but instead she said, “Mommy, I’ll draw you.” My heart was warmed, especially when she wrote “Thank you God” on the top and remarked, “Mommy that’s what you’re saying.” Next up: firefighter... which she made a “Fire Girl” putting the fire out. After that drawing we chatted with my niece, who happens to work for Warner Brothers. She asked Big Girl to draw Wonder Woman. Big Girl sighed, deeply, as if she recognized the challenge and then started drawing. She captioned the drawing, “I am saving the day.” 

Each of these drawings illustrate the power of women—embodied, spiritual, strong, and compassionate. Each of these drawings illustrate the power of my Big Girl. I’m proud that she’s growing up recognizing how multifaceted women are and the limitless possibilities available to her.