Sabbath Sunday: Christ is Risen! / by Donna Olivia Owusu-Ansah

Hallelujah! Christ is risen! 

Resurrection Sunday is not only the holiest day in Christendom, but it’s also my absolute favorite holy day!  

The assurance of Jesus’ resurrection and the promise it holds for me holds me tight in the most trying times. 

This Resurrection Sunday I had the honor of preaching the 6:00am Sunrise Service. We gathered early Sunday morning, around the same time that the women would have been making their way to the tomb, to celebrate our Risen Savior. The message God gave to me was from Psalm 118:15-24 a reminder that Christ was raised so that we, his disciples, would tell the story of God’s pardon, God’s power, and God’s praise! Thanks be to God we had a nice crowd because my Big Girl told me “nobody will probably come because it’s so early in the morning.” Bonus: I wore the preaching robe that my parents’ gifted me for seminary graduation, which was fitting as it is adorned with butterflies, a symbol of the resurrection. 


She and her sister (and hubby) were sleeping as I preached. After a quick breakfast at the church (yummy grits!) I made my way home to dress them in their Easter Finery for the 10:30am service. I love, love, love seeing children, especially my own, in their Easter Best! They were excited to wear their sparkly dresses, new shoes, and get their hair done. They had been asking for Easter Baskets. Since they’d already gotten enough candy from the Easter egg hunts at school and church, I filled their felt bunny bags with Skittles flavored lip balm, silver bangle bracelets, and butterfly hair bows. They were so surprised for their accessories! I forgot to buy pocketbooks, so they carried their bags to church!   


What a glorious Sunday we had! And an exhausting one, for me. With dinner cooked (thanks Instant Pot), I’ll be enjoying sabbath rest for the remainder of the day.  


How do you celebrate Resurrection Sunday? Let’s chat about your rituals and practices.