Fitness Friday: Accountability / by Donna Olivia Owusu-Ansah


This week marked my return to Instagram. In addition to the inspiration and encouragement, one of the things I appreciate about the digital  platform is the accountability factor. My Instagram Tribe consists of an amazing network of family, friends, BGR, and Skirt Sports Sisters who cheer me on when necessary but also ask about my routine when I’m slacking.


I am also equally grateful for my offline accountability circle including my husband who supports my goals and makes time/space for me to run; Our girls who fuel me to be healthy and can now begin to join me on the pavement; and Alicia with whom I have been checking in with updates on feelings, food, water, and movement for almost two years now (and we snuck in a walk together today). 


These folks, offline and online, have helped me to meet my goal of 3-4 workouts this week!

 Dear readers, who is in your accountability circle and how do they help you reach your goals?