Testimony Tuesday: Bookworm / by Donna Olivia Owusu-Ansah

I am an avid reader who lost her way after the birth of our first child. Between being tired and feeling like my brain didn’t work as it used to, I didn’t read as much. For years, I didn’t have time or energy for more than flipping through magazines, but with a three and five year old, I finally have time and space to read. Plus, teaching my five year old to read has rekindled my passion for devouring a good book. 

It started with audiobooks books in the Fall. As a Hospice Chaplain, I spend a good bit of time in my car driving to and from patients’ bedsides. And as much as I like Migos and Cardi B (don’t judge), I decided to use my time in the car for mental, emotional and spiritual stimulation. After the third audio book, I craved the feeling of holding a book in my hands and flipping through the pages. 

Fast forward to now. I’ve returned to the page and  continued my practice of listening to audio books. The genres are varied: novels, memoir, self-help, comedy, parenting, you name it. I’ve engaged, and loved, texts I wouldn’t have dreamed of picking up otherwise. I’ve reread texts that have grown me up during past phases of my life. I’m currently listening to an audio book on running to help me remember my deep love for the sport. My latest page turner at the front of my book basket on my nightstand is “Everything Happens for a Reason and Other Lies I’ve Loved” written by Kate Bowler, a theologian, professor, wife and mother through her journey with Stage IV colon cancer. As a practical theologian, working as a Hospice Chaplain, this book meets me right where I am in my vocation. 


Are you a reader? What books are on your list right now?