Word Up Wednesday: Jesus Laughed / by Donna Olivia Owusu-Ansah

In preparation for the the New Hope Baptist Church Women’s Weekend, I wrote a poem based on our theme and scripture to be shared as part of our Sunday morning liturgy. Writing the poem kindled something within me, reminding me of the days in my life when writing poetry was routine. So I went digging in the crates and pulled out a poem I wrote for a Ministry and Imagination Course at Drew Theological School. Enjoy!


Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

They say you wept

must’ve laughed, too.

Can’t have one with without the other...

Belly laughed with friends

(Peter had to be a hoot)

Snicker laughed at religious leaders

(They think they're so serious. They can’t be serious.)

Heart laughed with children

(Maybe that's why you wanted them to come)

So you could get a good laugh,

Authentic laugh,

Healing laugh.

You give me permission to laugh...


Because you live I can face tomorrow

And because you laugh

I can laugh, too…

At home/in class/from pulpit

Jesus, I get joy just thinking about what you’ve done for me.

So you must get joy, too.

Just like Sarah begat Isaac,

Joy begets smiles

And smiles are laughter waiting to explode.

Michelangeo and them saw you


I’m glad to know you also

Chuckled/snorted/head high/arms flailing/body shaking

Let laughter overtake you

‘Til you fell from your recliner.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

They say you wept

Must’ve laughed, too.

Can’t have one with without the other.

Donna Olivia Powell (January 2010)