Day Two / by Donna Olivia Owusu-Ansah

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.  

Okay, I’m being dramatic.  

Yesterday was a great day. I managed to make healthy decisions all day (despite the bagels in the break room) and didn’t have a snack attack. I also went an entire day without chocolate or cookies, a feat in and of itself. And I woke up with a headache. A killer headache! It was a sharp, throbbing pain over my left eye kind of headache. I ate a good breakfast and the headache persisted. I took a pain reliever and the headache persisted. I slept and the headache persisted. I was miserable. So I ate Oreos and the headache went away almost instantly. With the headache gone, I was able to get up and take care of things, including laundry and sermon prep for Sunday. 

Image from Pexels

Image from Pexels

The lesson for day two is to ease into healthy habits. I tend to be a go hard or go home kind of girl. But, I went hard, cold turkey, and my body wasn’t happy. At all. Clearly a daily chocolate and or/cookie habit hasn’t served me well. So my short term goal is to slowly wean myself off sugar/chocolate/cookie by Monday. That way I create the habit I hope for without the needless pain.


Dear Readers, how’s it going for you? How do you regroup/rebound after a slip?