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Motherhood Monday: My Favorite Thing to Do at the Park (Prompt) by Donna Olivia Owusu-Ansah

It has been a while since I've posted a Motherhood Monday Moment. I'm still knee deep in life with a four year old and six year old, which is as exhilarating as it is exhausting. And there have been many, many motherhood moments happening--from the banal to the hilarious. The antics of children are wonderfully amazing. 

In an attempt to write more--because writers write--today instead of riffing about motherhood, this entry will follow a prompt from a book I have called, "500 Writing Prompts" that I bought some time ago. I had forgotten how beneficial writing prompts could be. My memory was jogged at the Publishing in Color Conference when both Sophfronia Scott and Jacqui Lewis had a write from prompts. In any case, here goes...

"What is your favorite thing to do in a park? How often do you go?"

We don't go often enough. As a mother, it is easy to get caught up in the routines that keep life going: wake, bathe, dress, breakfast, school/work, errands, homework, dinner, bath, preparing and packing for the next day, sleep, wake, bathe, dress, you get the picture. Every once in a while, we break the routine and head to the park. Every time we go, I say in my heart, "we need to do this more often" but then the pressures of life lead us back to the hamster wheel.

When we are there, what joy we experience! As a girl, my favorite thing to do in the park was to swing. I loved sitting, pumping my feet back and forth, gliding in the air. My effort determined my experience. For a gentle and relaxing ride, only slight leg pumps were required. I could stay all day on the swing like that. Sometimes, when I was aching for a thrill, I'd pump my legs as hard and fast as I could until it was as if I was soaring in the sky. Legs high above the jungle gym, high above the planes carrying people to exotic destinations, high above the elementary cares of life, becoming one with clouds. A lofty aspiration. I felt I could do anything. 

Image from www.pexels.com

Image from www.pexels.com

I still love the swings, but it is no longer my favorite thing to do at the park.


Now when I go to the park, my focus is not on myself, but on our girls. I love witnessing their joy. Incessant laughter permeates the air as they run, hide, climb, swing, jump and slide. Their movement is swift, sometimes calculated and sometimes spontaneous. Big Girl's favorite thing is to climb--one foot in front of the other reaching new heights. Baby Girl prefers to stay grounded as she reimagines and repurposes the jungle gym--creating a kitchen and serving up freshly prepared wood chips for a small fee. When I see them, I see possibility. When I see them, I see creativity. When I see them, I see freedom. 

And now that they are older and no longer require that I hover over them on the jungle gym, I sit on the swings and watch as they play. This is now my favorite thing to do at the park.